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Thanks to the experience gained over time and to the presence of a team of professionals, our company represents a reference point in the field of plant engineering in Manfredonia.



Bigi Impianti is a company specialized in the installation and maintenance of electrical, photovoltaic and thermal water systems. We are always at your complete disposal to research the solutions that best meet your needs.



Home automation systems

Our efficient home automation systems are functional systems that allow the use of technologies and devices through which the user activates and manages, even remotely, the automation of domestic systems. Our deep knowledge of the Domotic sector allows us to welcome and satisfy any of your needs with the professionalism that has always characterized our work.

Photovoltaic systems

These are technological systems that use solar rays to generate continuous electric current through the photovoltaic effect. The task of the panels is to transform solar energy into electrical energy with low CO2 emissions into the environment and without generating waste substances. These devices are capable of producing enough energy to make a building stand alone.


Our staff, made up of a team of industry professionals, is responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary verification of gas boilers. We guarantee rapid and precise interventions, implemented using the latest generation instruments. The technicians also carry out the installation of the boilers, always in full compliance with the agreed times. Contact us to learn more.

Air conditioning systems

Our company is active in the thermo-hydraulic sector, with the aim of welcoming and satisfying any kind of need. We are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems with the professionalism that has always characterized our work. The interventions, which take place in line with the current regulations in force on the subject, always ensure extreme efficiency.

Anti-intrusion systems

To make an environment safe, it is important to choose a qualified installer, able to carry out a correct analysis relating to the area to be protected, evaluating the building, its surroundings and the habits of its occupants. This allows you to make the right choice of the system. Our technicians install the most advanced video surveillance systems, which guarantee maximum security.

Optical fiber transmission

Optical fiber is an innovative and modern data transmission technology that allows internet browsing not only more stable but also faster. Fiber optic cables, very thin, are composed of fiberglass or plastic polymeric filaments through which light signals travel. Request further quotes immediately or contact the staff directly if you need a quote.


BiGi Impianti is also a Pleion service center, a company specialized in the production of solar collectors, heat pumps and control units. The company also has an accredited Cosmogas Service team, a consolidated reality in the sale, installation and maintenance of boilers. Our staff is also involved in the installation and management of the most modern and efficient alarm systems (Inim, Aritech, Honeywell, Risco) and video surveillance (Hikvision, Dahua).

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