Manfredonia boiler installation and maintenance

We employ an accredited Service Cosmagas team, a consolidated reality in the sale, installation and maintenance of boilers in Manfredonia.

Periodic checks

Our team is authorized to periodically check the functioning of the heating boilers, as required by the current regulations in force. We have a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and a workshop equipped with all the necessary instruments for checks and maintenance operations. Thanks to our intervention your boiler will always be in perfect condition. We always guarantee speed, full compliance with deadlines and maximum security.


The importance of maintance

The legislation that regulates the boiler overhaul is Presidential Decree 74/2013, which came into force on 12 July 2013. This decree confirms the obligation to maintain and control the heating and boiler systems, establishing certain rules regarding the periodicity of the installation of the interventions. Regular maintenance allows you to preserve your system, thus avoiding system malfunctions or breakages. Contact us and request our intervention immediately.

Trust us

Ordinary maintenance of the boiler consists of checking the most commonly used components subject to wear, such as the seal, the combustion chamber, the electrodes and the fans. The staff also carries out a general cleaning. It is essential that the control is developed periodically and that the home owner or tenant remembers it. A system that does not work perfectly can in fact cause dispersions that are harmful to the environment and our health.