Manfredonia Optical fiber transmission

The competence gained over time and the adoption of modern technologies allow us to also deal with data transmission and optical fiber in Manfredonia.

Technological innovation

The optical fiber uses particularly complex materials, such as fiberglass or plastic polymer filaments, to simultaneously transfer much more information at a higher speed. The cables, protected by a rubber sheath, are particularly light and resistant. Thanks to the new generation technology it is possible to transmit the data necessary for internet and telephony communication through light signals.


If your internet connection is slow or unstable, it is time to switch to fiber optics. Especially if you use the net to do your job or to perform operations that require great download and upload speed, then the optical fiber is really for you. You can download or send large files in a few seconds, which would take hours with ADSL. Request information now or contact us for assistance.

Always by your side

Our company provides adequate answers capable of satisfying any need in the area of ​​data transmission and all technological systems. We have a team of highly qualified and specialized technicians in different sectors, able to ensure rapid and efficient interventions. Whatever your need, Bigi Impianti is always able to satisfy it. We strive every day to extend and consolidate our range of services.